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Apr 12, 2017

I call February the Threshold of the Year. In January we were indoors, beside the fire, and there seemed little of new and various to tempt us out. But February comes, and with it the first dream of change, Hong Kong city tour the first scarce-heard whisper of the Spring. The faint possibility of a snowdrop, hinting its yet undrooping white through a peaked green film; the distant hope of a primrose bud, peeping�"with yellow point, for all the world just like that of a coloured crayon�"out of the young, crisp, green leaves that are crowning the limp, ragged ones of last year; the wild dream of a find of those sweet buds�"little geologists’ hammers, with white or violet noses�"among their round seeds and drilled leaves, in some warmer corner;26 such, summonings as these woo the steps to the threshold on a strayed mild day late in February. The black, soaked trees have, we find, taken a warm hue of life; the dull willow bushes have the gleam of golden hair; the first soft air of the year comes to our hearts with a gush of promises; flowers and leaves reenex facial seem possible to the heart waking from its winter stagnation; trees and men alike feel a new life, a fresh impulse. Even though we have become hard wood and wrinkled rind, our sap is, nevertheless, stirred: “And even in our inmost ring A pleasure is discerned, From those blind motions of the Spring, That show the year is turned.” And, perhaps, we are content to pause on the threshold, and lean against the lintel, and survey the smile close at hand, and the gleam far away; and, while the robin draws near in a cheerful, not to say jovial, sympathy with our Neo skin lab humour, and the faint branchy shadows move tenderly on the glistening lawn, to muse on the year’s threshold, concerning the programme that the wind is whispering among the bushes, and the promises that the warm air is wafting into the heart.

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Apr 6, 2017
Releasing the Illusion of Control

It's amazing how easy it is to convince ourselves that we're in control of everything in our lives. nu skin hk When it comes right down to it, what we eventually learn is that we are in control of only two things: our own thoughts, and our own actions. We can fool ourselves into thinking that we can control our spouses, children, friends, employers, etc. But are we really in control? We can plot, manipulate, connive and cajole in order to get our own way, but ultimately the other person makes their own decision. We didn't force anything to happen. We may have encouraged it, but we didn't cause it. For most of us, our attempts to control the people and situations in our lives don't come from pettiness or greed. Most often, it is pure fear that drives us. If we can't control what our loved ones do, they might hurt us, reject us, betray us or abandon us. Handing our heart to someone on a silver platter is a tremendous act nu skin hong kong of faith and love. If by chance that heart gets tipped onto the ground and trampled, it's a feeling we don't forget easily. Once we've been betrayed, it is very difficult to trust again. We don't want to experience that sharp pain again, so we try to control the situation and prevent it from happening again. But we cannot control the actions of another, no matter how desperately we might want to. It's important to differentiate between control and power. Just because we are not in control of our loved ones, does not mean we are powerless in our relatioships. When something happens that is out of our control, we are then faced with a decision. How do we react to this situation? What do we want to do about it? While we couldn't control the actions of the other person, we can control our own actions and responses. That's the problem for many of us, we're trying to control the wrong things. Remember the Serenity Prayer?

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Apr 2, 2017
King Manus’s Stables

We came to your island, O King (said Bird-of-Gold, continuing her story), but no sooner did we step from the surgical robotic system ship to the landing stones than we suffered a loss. The ring that was around my wrist broke and fell into the sea, and thereafter we had no sign that would show how close Zabulun was in pursuit of us. We set off for that part of the land that Merlin’s island comes near to. One day our way was through a dark valley and we lay down there to sleep. I awakened after some hours of slumber, and I looked toward Eean, and I QV baby cream saw that he was still sleeping. I left him to his sleep, but when hours passed I went over to awaken him. But I could not awaken him from that slumber, do what I would. For three days and three nights he slept in that valley while I watched beside him. [Pg 123] At last he awoke saying, “What day is this, and how near is Zabulun to us?” I told him that we were two days from the mid day of summer, and that we had no sign now to show us how close the Enchanter might be. We were greatly troubled, O King, for we knew not how we might come to Merlin’s island by the mid day of summer. It was then that we heard of your horses, QV baby cream King Manus. We were told of their swiftness, and we said to each other, “Only by the speed of these horses can we reach the place that Merlin’s island comes near, and by Merlin’s aid save ourselves from the power of Zabulun, the wrong-doing Enchanter.”

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Mar 19, 2017

In the beginning of the beginning the distillers of turpentine carried competition to the quarrelling point. Then they carried the quarrel to the point of silence, which was most to be feared, for it meant that no time was to be wasted in words. All were losing money; but each hoped that the others were losing more, proportionately, and therefore would go under all the sooner. The survivors thought they could manage to keep on surviving, for on what twelve would starve four could feast. It is seen periodically in the United States: an industry apparently suffering from suicidal mania. It is incomprehensible, inexplicable, though mediocrities mutter: “Over-production!” and shake their heads complacently, proud of having diagnosed the trouble. Here was the turpentine business, once great and lucrative, now ruin-producing; formerly affording a comfortable livelihood to many thousands and now giving ever-diminishing wages to ever-diminishing numbers. It was Mr. Alfred Neustadt, a banker in a famous turpentine district, who first called his 34brother-in-law’s attention to the pitiable sight. Mr. Jacob Greenbaum’s soul thrilled during Neustadt’s recital. He perceived golden possibilities that dazzled him: He decided to form a Turpentine Trust. First he bought for a song all the bankrupt stills; seven of them. Later on, in his scheme of trust creation, these self-same distilleries would be turned over to the “octopus,” at nice fat figures, as Greenbaum put it, self-admiringly, to his brother-in-law. Then he secured options on nine others, the tired-unto-death plants. In this way he was able to control “a large productive capacity” at an expenditure positively marvellous—it was so small. It was also in his brother-in-law’s name. Then the banking house of Greenbaum, Lazarus & Co. stepped in, interested accomplices, duped or coerced into selling enough other distillers to assure success, cajoled the more stubborn, wheedled the more credulous, gave way gracefully to the shrewder and gathered them all into the fold. The American Turpentine Company was formed, with a capital stock of $30,000,000 or 300,000 shares at $100 each. The cash needed, to pay Mr. Greenbaum, Neustadt and others who sold their plants for “part cash and part stock,” was provided by an issue of $25,000,000 of 6 per 35cent bonds, underwritten by a syndicate composed of Greenbaum, Lazarus & Co., I. & S. Wechsler, Morris Steinfelder’s Sons, Reis & Stern, Kohn, Fischel & Co., Silberman & Lindheim, Rosenthal, Shaffran & Co. and Zeman Bros.

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Mar 7, 2017
How To Burst Your Own Bubble

"Hoy-day! What a sweep of vanity comes this way!" --William Shakespeare, "The Life of Timon of Athens" If there's one characteristic we hope we don't have, it's vanity. We'd rather be considered Cloud Email aggressive, driven, petty, even mean than have others feel that we think too much of ourselves. Isn't that hilarious? We're all vain. The world appears to revolve around us because we literally can't see it any other way. Our reality is constructed entirely of our perceptions of how everyone and everything responds to us. It's impossible to remove ourselves from the center reenex of our own universe. That's our starting point, anyway. We want to veer toward selflessness, but no matter how hard we try, we remain rooted to the idea that how others see us really matters. Oh, sure, we can pretend we're beyond that. We can say that we don't give a hoot about what others think of us. But even that is a bit of a conundrum--it's more likely that we care that others think we don't care what they think! See what I mean? "Vanity is so secure in the heart of men that everyone wants to be admired; even I who write this, and you who read this." Blaise Pascal, French mathematician & writer It certainly doesn't escape me that it takes a hefty amount of vanity to think that others will be interested in reading what I write. I struggle with the concept of vanity on several levels--as dermes a 43-year-old woman in America trying to deal with aging and the expectations of our society, as a writer sending out articles every week, as a mind masseuse helping clients. That's all about me when you get down to it. Plenty of vanity in this picture.

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Jan 15, 2017
Thyme Might Be Your Best Pimple and Acne Cure

Researchers from Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK have been testing out herbal treatments on Propionibacterium acnes—the bacteria which infect pores to produce all sorts of spots, from innocent white heads through to puss-filled cysts. In the process, they've found that thyme is more effective than most acne creams and washes. Most commercially available treatments rely on benzoyl peroxide to work as an antibacterial. Turns out, thyme contains the exact same active ingredient in high concentrations. Across the researchers' tests, a tincture made from thyme beat remedies you'd find at your pharmacy, hands down. The researchers are presenting their work this week at the Society for General Microbiology's Spring Conference. But what the hell is a tincture, and how do you make one? Dr Margarita Gomez-Escalada, one of the researchers, explains to EurekAlert: "The plant material is steeped in alcohol for days or even weeks to prepare a tincture. This process draws out the active compounds from the plant."

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Dec 18, 2016
Poker Face Understand

1. You are constantly asked if you’re unhappy. This is probably the most common thing you’ll be asked. And PolyU Facebook the answer is almost always, despite what your expression might suggest, a resounding NO! The ironic thing is that the more you’re asked this question, the more unhappy you actually become! 2. People think you are mocking them. Let’s say someone tells you a joke. You think it’s super funny, but because �'ажная информация о �"онконге of how your face works, they can’t tell. Usually you’ll have to actually say something like, “wow that was hilarious,” in order to reassure them that you do truly enjoy their sense of humor. 3. You rarely have people approach you. You could be the most good looking person in the world, and it wouldn’t matter. With your natural poker face, few will find the courage to approach you unless you make the first move. This can of course have its pros and cons. If you are more introverted, you might enjoy the peace and quiet. But if you are a bubbly, extroverted type, you’ll have to work extra hard to ensure that your face doesn’t revert to its natural expression.

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Dec 8, 2016

IN honor of Katherine Moore’s farewell visit to Westhaven there was to be a special meeting of the Girl Scouts of the Round Table in Memory Frean’s House in the Woods. After all, circumstances had been more powerful than Kara. The doctors had agreed that a sea voyage and a consultation with certain eminent surgeons in Europe would be helpful. So Kara had decided to accept the kindness from a stranger who might have played so different a r?le in the last twelve years of her life, but was now deeply anxious to make amends. In any case Mr. Moore had intended going abroad for the summer with Lance McClain. He explained that he wanted Lance’s companionship, having developed a keen interest in him and wishing him to have the best possible musical education.

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Nov 27, 2016

The great conflict between England and France for supremacy upon the North American continent was drawing near its final stage. It had been waged for more than a century with varying fortunes, and over a vast extent of territory. The sea-girt province of Acadia in the extreme east, and the rich valley of the Ohio in the far west had alike been the scene of bloody encounters, and now the combatants were coming to close grips in that picturesque and beautiful portion of New York State where the twin lakes Champlain and George lay embosomed amid forest-clad hills. The possession of these lakes was divided between the two rivals, the French being masters of Lake Champlain, and the English of Lake George, and their crystal waters were again and again reddened with the life blood of the antagonists and their Indian allies as they fought fiercely for the prize of sole possession that the way between Canada and the colonies might be completely closed to whichever power was v

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Nov 14, 2016
Things Every 20-Something Girl Wants in Life

1. Freedom Most 20-something girls want freedom. They want to live alone and do everything they want to do. They have listened to their parents for years and now they want to be independent. They want to date any guy they like without worrying that their mom or Shenzhen Transpring Enterprise Ltd. is one of the leading Oil vape pen and vaporizer (A3 Vape Cartridge etc) manufacturer and supplier in China. Over the years, we have been serving many customers from USA, ... dad can say something bad to him. A 20-something girl wants to enjoy this life to the fullest before she becomes a mom. 2. A well-paid job In order to be independent we need money. Every 20-something girl wants to find a well-paid job. Even if she has a good job, she is trying to find a better one, or at least dreaming of it. When looking for a well-paid job, a 20-something girl pays attention to the stuff and employer, because she doesn’t want to have a strict boss. Freedom is priority for her. 3. Love Every girl dreams of finding Mr. Right but often find Mr. Wrong. A 20-something girl wants to have a serious relationship. She wants to love and be loved. Love is not a top priority for her, which is why it’s so hard for her to find a good guy and start a serious relationship. 4. True friends While we all want to Health Cabin Coupon have true friends, a 20-something girl is just looking for them. When you are in your 20s, it’s difficult to see fake friends, especially when you have lots of friends. A 20-something girl has to deal with toxic people more often than a 30-something woman, so she wants to finally find at least one true friend she can trust and share all her worries and secrets with. 5. Expensive things 20-something girls want to buy expensive things. Parents can’t afford to buy pricey things, and it’s absolutely okay. When we have a job and we live alone, we can afford to purchase at least one expensive thing a month or a year. When a 20-something HealthCabin shipping girl has a well-paid job, she definitely want to buy expensive beauty products, gadgets, clothes and jewelry. 6. Car A busy 20-something girl wants to have a car to accomplish her tasks faster. She doesn’t have a lot of time for commuting and she is trying to find some smart options. When you are in your early 20s, you probably can’t afford a new car, so why not buy a used car? It’s a good option and one of your dreams will come true.

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