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Nov 5, 2012
timely diagnosis

A lot of people from the fall " stick autumn fat " started tonic, has been added to the end of winter in March. However toilet facial paper manufacturer, if the high protein, high fat food intake, may become the leading causes of morbidity in colorectal tumors. Rectal cancer in the early lack of symptoms, the patient showed no abnormal change. When the following four kinds of abnormal defecation in time to see a doctor.

1 abnormal bowel habits, defecation frequency increased, at the same time the emergence of a small number of mucinous, mucous stool dermes dab3d12ck, percutaneous treatment without improvement, or disappeared after treatment and recurrence, should be timely diagnosis and treatment.

2 previous mucus, diarrhoea, but the symptoms of mild sudden weight gain, and the original frequency of defecation, defecation character change, should also be confirmed again.

3 there is no obvious cause of constipation and diarrhoea appear alternately, after short term treatment without improvement hair loss, in the stomach after barium meal fluoroscopy revealed no abnormalities, should go to the hospital to do the examination of the rectum.

4 defecate, exhausted stool has a notch, a groove shaped, flat strip, strip shape, must do a rectal examination.

The above any one should go to the hospital in time. Conditional place, had better ask doctor or anorectal surgery. And other malignant tumors hair treatment, colorectal malignant tumor pathogenesis is relatively clear, saturated fat intake of large amounts of, lack of exercise, the metabolic out toxins deposited in the intestinal tract, in the course of time will cause colorectal lesions.

In fact, colorectal malignant tumor development process generally takes about 10 years, it provides an opportunity for prevention. First of all to reduce saturated fat intake, increased dietary fiber content, is to eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, eat a balanced diet. The second is to increase physical exercise, avoid obesity.

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Oct 24, 2012

Sour milk is made of high quality milk by lactic acid bacteria fermentation, essentially still belongs to milk, while the milk beverage is a kind of drink, milk is no longer.

" Originally wanted to buy milk,Adjustable Desk buying a home is sour milk beverage. " This is Ms. shortly before it happened. While a company of Mr. Li, breakfast drink more than half a year of yogurt, but not know that it is only a milk drink, my heart always regarded it as breakfast milk to supplement nutrition. A similar thing, a lot of people may encounter. Investigate its reason, nothing more than be not know acid milk sour milk beverage with distinction.

Acid milk beverage and sour milk

Sour milk is made of high quality milk by lactic acid bacteria fermentation, essentially still belongs to milk, while the milk beverage is a kind of drink, milk is no longer. The two are in essence the following differences:

One difference: nutrient content difference. Milk drink sour milk nutrition only 1 / 3. For example, the dairy industry regulations, 100 grams of milk protein content is greater than or equal to 2.9 grams of requirements, flavouring sour milk≥2.3 grams. The market and the acid milk drink is only about 1 grams.

Difference between two: taste different. As a result of acid milk beverage with water and fruit juice, taste mellow no sour milk安全標籤 Security Label , especially the lack of milk flavor.

Three: the difference between activity of lactic acid bacteria content. Activity of lactic acid bacteria is sour milk is different from ordinary milk core component, can promote the absorption of nutrients, the regulation of gastrointestinal function in a variety of health effects, the composition and concentration of acid milk directly determines the quality of the. General acid milk beverage containing lactic acid and only capable of containing the fermentation activity Cherson Label Printing of lactic acid bacteria. Some sour milk beverage containing lactic acid bacteria, but few.

In addition, the requirements of both the preservation conditions are not the same. Because of the need to maintain the activity of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt, sour milk to preserve true in low temperature environment, such as the marked storage conditions for 2 ~ 8 degrees Celsius requirements, but also save time in 1 months or less. While ordinary acid milk beverage shelf life is relatively long, the preservation conditions are not so strict, generally at room temperature preservation can be.

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